A local face for an iconic brand

Homewood dermatologist is new spokesperson for one of America’s most well-known brands

by Jeana Durst, content director
photos courtesy of Old Spice

It’s the 10-year mark of the famed “Smell Like a Man, Man” Old Spice ad campaign when Isaiah Mustafa reminded us that he was “the man your man could smell like.” With the recent launch of two product lines, Old Spice continues to stay relevant, which is good news for many of us who grew up watching our grandfather use after-shave from the classic buoy-shaped bottle of Old Spice. Maybe it’s nostalgia that makes it nice to see that this iconic brand continues to gain momentum with the younger generation. (If you happen to have an adolescent son who is in hygiene training, you will know what we are talking about.)

Dr. Corey Hartman of Skin Wellness Dermatology, pictured at Old Spice’s offices.

Dr. Cory Hartman, founder and medical director of Skin Wellness Dermatology in Homewood, and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, has his own Old Spice story to tell—which has a surprising twist. His skin healthcare expertise and commitment to the product led to Hartman being tapped as the spokesperson for Old Spice’s all-new Ultra Smooth and Gentleman’s Blend line of products.

“Old Spice had reached out to me on the strength of my Instagram account. I told them that my father was excited because my grandfather wore Old Spice—my dad actually went and found the old bottle he wears and took a picture of it and sent it to me.”

Hartman’s medical expertise meant that he could evaluate the products from many angles. Hartman founded Skin Wellness Dermatology practice in 2009 and has expanded his full-service medical and cosmetic skin care center to two locations (Homewood and Chelsea). “I have developed a knack for cosmetic dermatology and laser, particularly in men and ethnic groups that are sometimes under-represented with skin that has special needs when it comes to cosmetic procedures,” Hartman says. He emphasized that their staff dermatologists also focus on skin healthcare issues, skin cancer, and pediatric dermatology. “Someone in the practice can handle whatever a patient needs,” Hartman says.

Dr. Corey Hartman speaks at the Old Spice 2020 Innovations Media Breakfast on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, at Freehand New York.

From this perspective, Hartman spoke to his appreciation for how the Gentleman’s Blend line, which contains no dyes or parabens, complements sensitive skin well. As for Old Spice Ultra Smooth products, he has this to say: “What I like about the body wash in particular is that it leaves you smelling clean and fresh but it doesn’t strip your skin of all the oil.” Hartman explains that many body washes dry skin out, which is problematic for mature skin that is already prone to irritations associated with dryness.

“When I started using the Ultra Smooth body wash, I left the shower feeling more hydrated, but I also felt cleaner. Some of the products that I tried in the past that would achieve the goal of not drying you out didn’t really feel like they cleansed your skin or they didn’t lather up well,” Hartman says. The Ultra Smooth body wash can also double as a beard cleanser. (Important considering the prevalence of bewhiskered men out there today.) And as for the fragrances, gone are the days of heavy oaks and musk. The new Old Spice line is airy and light, with just enough clean scent to live up to the “Smell Like a Man, Man” messaging.


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