Creative Montessori School

GRADES: 18 months-8th grade
2800 Montessori Way
Homewood, AL 35209 (map)
(205) 879-3278

Creative Montessori School (CMS) recently celebrated 50 years of excellence in Montessori education. Founded in 1968 by Barbara R. Spitzer, CMS is Birmingham’s first Montessori school; the first local private school to be racially inte­grated from inception; and the first to offer sci­ence, world geography, and foreign language to preschoolers. 

Convenient to downtown Birmingham and over-the-mountain suburbs, CMS offers an unparalleled private school education in a warm and loving Montessori atmosphere with a focus on the individual child. Our teachers value each child’s unique potential and nur­ture students’ inherent ability to meet challenges with divergent thinking skills, self-confidence, adaptability and resilience.

Children at CMS learn the same things that children in a traditional school learn — plus practical knowledge such as conflict resolution, social responsibil­ity and environmental stewardship. It is how they learn and how they feel about learning that is quite different and truly valuable. 

Montessori classrooms foster intellectual curiosity by facilitating individualized, independent, purposeful work within a peaceful setting. The result is children who fall in love with learning. Students are allowed to learn at their own pace under caring and thoughtful guidance of a profes­sionally trained Montessori teacher.

CMS enrolls 250 students from 25 zip codes, located on a 2.5-acre campus in the heart of Homewood. Affordable tuition makes exceptional education acces­sible to families with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Prospective parents are invited to call the administration office to schedule a tour.


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