Just for Dads ~ October 2022

by Ward Williams
Executive director, Vineyard Family Services

“Don’t you miss not having different seasons and all that comes with the changing of the seasons?”

This was a common question asked to residents who lived in my south Texas hometown. The answer to that question was, most often, no. We hate any sign of cold weather and very much enjoyed living in a beach town. It was always an odd-sounding question about whether I miss winter and snow or seeing leaves change colors or the blossoming of spring plants. It has been 20 years of living in Alabama and progressing through different life stages for me to really appreciate why people enjoy the changing of seasons. The calendar offers us hope that life is going to change, and the optimist in us believes that change will be for the good. 

It is going to cool down. It is going to warm up. Football season is almost here. Christmas is close. Summer is coming. There is always something in nature and our environment that helps us to recognize that change is on the horizon and to make plans to act accordingly. 

Photograph by Benjamin Disinger on Unsplash

Life is hard—sometimes excruciatingly so—but it is only hard for a season. The sleepless nights with a new baby, the struggle of teenage years, taking care of aging parents—all of these things happen for a season. Most embarrassments are over and forgotten in about 70 hours. Most of our stressors look different in about two weeks. People may say that they are never going to miss the hard times. We pray for those hard moments to go away. In reality, you are going to miss the hard stages of life. These stages become part of our life’s memories. The seasons and changes are going to bring comfort to our kids, knowing that we persevered through these times, and they can persevere when they experience trials, too.  When “they” say don’t blink because it goes by fast, believe it. It does go by fast. Be grateful for those who have been a part of just one of your seasons. Be grateful for those who have been there for all of your seasons. Cherish those you know whose seasons are running out. Enjoy your fall and your pumpkin lattes. Christmas will be here before you know it. Allergy season will arrive before you find the right place to hang your winter coats. You will be joining the millions of other beachgoers on the Alabama Gulf Coast, and then we will be right back here next year. 

Next time I talk to a south Texan and they say we don’t need any seasons, I will be sure to let them know seasons are needed. Enjoy them while you can.

Ward Williams is the founder and executive director of Vineyard Family Services. Contact him at ward@vfsdads.com.


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