Young Entrepreneurs Make an Impact

Sara and Alex Roy, pictured with their mother, received the Alabama Association of Gifted Student 2022 Outstanding Gifted Student Award for their commitment to solving environmental issues and eradicating world hunger through their small businesses.

Simmons Middle School seventh-grade student Alex Roy and his sister, Sara Roy, who attends Hoover High School as a freshman, were awarded the Alabama Association of Gifted Students 2022 Outstanding Gifted Student Award. The award honors students who show excellence in leadership and intelligence and who are making difference in gifted education in school or the community. This is the first time students in the Hoover City Schools District have received the award.

District Enrichment Specialist Traci Ingleright nominated the students for the award. “Sara and Alex began their commitment to making a difference in their community very young. They continue to make our community a better place by participating in service learning clubs and building platforms through their small businesses to help solve environmental issues and eradicate world hunger,” she says. “Sara and Alex are a testimony to us all. They are two kids selling two items to solve two very real problems.”

The two are involved in many extracurricular activities, including math team, student diversity council, school newspaper, and sports, in addition to being passionate about making the world better. To that end, they hope their small businesses will help to make a difference. Alex’s business is Soap’d. He makes soap with unique fragrances, colors, and designs, and 25 percent of his profits go to the Kids Against Hunger organization ( He also has various soap types, like cocoa butter, goat milk, and olive oil. “I can choose my own scents and colors, and I mix all of that together,” he says. He has sold more than 100 soaps! To learn more and place a soap order, visit

Sarah’s business is Shine Like the Earth. She makes and sells earrings, and 25 percent of her profit goes to the Environmental Defense Fund ( “I released my earrings in collections that represent a certain environmental issue,” she says. As of today, Sara has sold more than 70 pairs of earrings, including two pair sold internationally. To shop the collections, visit

Text and photo courtesy of Hoover City Schools.

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