Local students connect with Honduran students

Middle school students and their families from Prince of Peace Catholic School recently donated children’s socks and underwear, as well as nutritional snack bars, for an outreach to students in Honduras. Middle school teacher Jess Swetz learned of the desperate need for these items from a friend, who travels to Honduras to provide health care to Hondurans who otherwise would never receive it.

Photo courtesy of Prince of Peace Catholic School.

Mrs. Swetz also learned that many of the students there have only one pair (if any at all) of underwear and socks and that many are malnourished. These Prince of Peace Catholic School donations will become part of the backpack of blessings that the nonprofit VER International is putting together for the Honduran students containing a school uniform, shoes, school supplies -all of which are required in order to attend public school- plus a month’s supply of dry rice and beans. 


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