The Grove School

Mandy Fox first dreamed 18 years ago of starting a school whose mission and vision centers around finding a child’s strengths and using those to bring learning to life. So many schools focus on children’s weaknesses and improving them. The Grove School — the result of Mandy’s dream that opened in August 2019 — believes that God speaks to our strengths and uses those to build up our weak areas.

By focusing on finding the dream that God has given them, The Grove School seeks to plant children in the life-giving source, God, and help them accomplish the dreams that God has given them. 

The Grove School allows children to learn at their own pace while also challenging them. Students will master standards according to what they are ready to learn in the progression of our curriculum, not based on a grade level system because of age. Students move through standards based on readiness. If they are advanced in one area, they will be able to move beyond their grade level and work on the standards for that level. A list of standards for each level and the ones your child has mastered will be shared with the parent several times throughout the year through our online reporting system as well as Mastery Journals.

Enrollment is open year-round. Parents can apply at

The Grove School
7545 Parkway Drive
Leeds, AL 35094
(205) 352-0444


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